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Create your blog portfolio...

posted Oct 3, 2011, 7:00 AM by davidrothauser@newdesignhigh.com   [ updated Oct 3, 2011, 8:17 AM by Jamie Dinsmoor ]
Overview: Follow these instructions to create your Blog Portfolio!  This portfolio will enhance your digital footprint and allow you to share the work you do in your classes with the world!

Written Instructions...

Creating the Blog....

1. Log onto mail.newdesignhigh.com
2. Go to blogger.com
3. Your Dashboard will open up.  This is where you can access all of your blogs and make changes to your settings and information.
4. Click on Create Your Blog Now in the blue box.
5. Verify your account: Enter your phone number and click "send verification code."  (If you do not have a phone, or do not have your phone with you please ask your teacher for help).

6. Enter the code you receive in a text message into the verification code box and click "enter".

1. YOU MUST NAME YOUR PORTFOLIO EXACTLY AS YOU'RE ASKED. Click here to find out your Blog Title and URL.

2. Blog Title: Enter your First Name followed by Portfolio for the blog title. 

3. Blog address (URL): Copy and paste the URL listed for you onto the blog URL. Remove any spaces. Click continue.

4.  Select the "Simple" template for now.

5. Click the Blogger icon in the top left corner to get back to the dashboard.